Responsible to Het Massagehuys in Corona time

The Massagehuys wants our team to be able to work safely. We want to meet the needs of our guests to enjoy our treatments safely and responsibly in Het Massagehuys. Especially in these times it is important to relax and to bring body and mind back into balance. Being able to give massages safely and responsibly is very important to our guests and team members. These Corona House Rules serve to be able to do this in a responsible manner in times of corona.

1. The basic principle is that these agreements are clear to our team members and our guests.
2. Everyone who is in Het Massagehuys adheres to our Corona House Rules and the generally applicable RIVM guidelines.
3. In Het Massagehuys itself and on our website, appointments are visibly communicated.
4. These agreements count as minimum agreements.
5. The agreements may change due to changing regulations and insights.
6. The agreements apply to the entire Massagehuys, including the entrance, the reception area, the massage areas, the staff area and the toilet.

Corona House Rules:

For the company Het Massagehuys:
• We publicise the instructions for our guests on the outside of Het Massagehuys and also inside. The complete agreements are also publicised on our website for our guests and are referred to in confirmation emails.
• We ensure that everyone in Het Massagehuys can keep a distance of 1.5 meters when not being engaged in massage. We put chairs 1.5 meters apart.
• We ensure that our employees keep 1.5 meters apart.
• We ensure that our employees take a distance of 1.5 meters when taking a break in the break room. We spread the breaks so that this is realized.
• We spread guests well over the day and evening, so that the distance of 1.5 meters between guests can be observed, with a maximum of 1 guest per 10 m2 of the space. This means that a maximum of 8 guests can be in Het Massagehuys at the same time.
• We only work by appointment, and we ask guests to come to Het Massagehuys shortly in advance (maximum 5 minutes) before the appointment, so that there are never too many guests in Het Massagehuys. With a maximum of 8 guests at a time.
• We provide enough soap in a pump bottle for our team and hand sanitizer for our guests.
• Our team members wash their hands before and after the treatment of the guest and also at least once an hour. We also provide sufficiently cared for hand cream.
• In our toilet we publicise the guidelines for washing hands.
• Guests with symptoms of illness indicate that he or she cannot come. Even if the guest makes an appointment by telephone or online, this is pointed out.
• Our team members will stay at home if they suffer from any of the following complaints: colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase (up to 38 ° C) or fever and have not taken a corona test with a negative result. For corona-related complaints, they can contact the corona test line.
• Our team members stay at home if someone in their house has a fever (from 38 ° C) and / or shortness of breath and has not yet been tested for corona.
• We take an intake with our guests immediately upon arrival, in which we discuss the health rules and are asked about the health of our guests.
• Our guests disinfect their hands immediately after entering with a hand sanitizer.
• Our team members use a mouth mask when receiving the guests and among themselves when they are with several people in the same room. This is made available by Het Massagehuys. Hostesses always wear a face mask. Masseurs can put the mouth cap under the chin themselves during the massage.
• Our guests can receive a mouth mask from Het Massagehuys free of charge.
• Our team members take their temperature every morning at home (so that the safety of customers and other employees is guaranteed).
• We ventilate Het Massagehuys. Our air freshener replaces the air every hour.
• We replace the towel in the toilet with paper towels.
• We don’t put down books or magazines to read.
• We discourage people from using the toilet and disinfect it after each guest visit.
• Guests change in the massage room and not in the dressing room. They hang their clothes in the massage room. This reduces the “traffic” in Het Massagehuys in the narrow corridor.
• Guests go to their massage room one by one. The next guest will only go to the massage room if the previous guest is in the massage room.
• The hostess is responsible for ‘crowd management’ in Het Massagehuys. Masseurs and team members who are not on duty follow the instructions of the hostess.

For all team members of Het Massagehuys:
• Stay at home and get tested for corona if you have any of the following: colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase (up to 38 ° C) or fever. If the test is positive (and you have corona), stay home.
• Stay at home if someone in your house has a fever (from 38 ° C) and / or shortness of breath and has not been tested for corona.
• Wash hands every hour, but at least before and after treating each guest with soap from a pump bottle and water, and use hand gel from an alcohol pump bottle.
• Cough and sneeze inside the elbow.
• Use paper tissues or tissues. Use them only once and discard them immediately.
• Greeting without touching (do not give a hand, kiss or hug).
• Do not take clothes or bathrobe, let the guest hang them himself. Disinfect the used hanger or coat rack after each use.
• Lay out several towels and put them in the washing machine after each guest after use.
• Use fresh towels for each guest.
• Masseurs clean the following items with a disinfectant detergent after each guest:
– items that were directly touched by the guests
– the outside of the oil trays plus ladles
– the handle of the massage room door
– any used lockers
• Hostesses clean the following things every hour with a disinfectant detergent
– Pin device
– Door handle
– Table and possibly chairs
– Toilet latch
– Toilet fountain
– iPad / laptop
• Hostesses turn the washing machine on at least 60 ° C every hour after the masseurs have put the towels in the machine and put the clean towels in the dryer.
• Use paper (coffee) cups and paper towels in the toilet.
• Bring your own cutlery if you want to eat.
• Disinfect door handle, toilet seat and sink after every visit to the toilet.
• Hostesses can wear gloves if they desire and will replace those after 3 hours. These will be provided by Het Massagehuys.
• All team members wear a face mask. Hostesses always, and masseurs before and after the massage. The mouth mask can be worn on the chin during the massage itself. Mouth masks are provided by Het Massagehuys. Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory, even during breaks when several people are present in 1 room.
• Only use your own oil container and do not exchange it with colleagues. Use a ladle for the oil.
• If you are a vulnerable group as a team member, please contact your manager.

For our guests and other attendees at Het Massagehuys:
• You are welcome a massage at Het Massagehuys. Reserve your appointment online in advance via Unfortunately, we can only welcome you for a massage if you have made an appointment in advance.
• Stay at home if you have any of the following: cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, increase (up to 38 ° C) or fever and have no negative test results for the coronavirus.
• Also stay at home if someone in your house has a fever (from 38 ° C) and / or shortness of breath and has not been tested for corona.
• If you receive complaints after you have booked an appointment, move or cancel it via the link in the confirmation email.
• Only come to Het Massagehuys with other people if you have booked an appointment together at the same time.
• Go to the toilet prior to your visit to Het Massagehuys and preferably do not use the toilet in Het Massagehuys.
• Do not come more than about 5 minutes before your appointment.
• Immediately upon entering the Massagehuys, disinfect your hands with a hand sanitizer. We put it directly at the entrance on a tray ready. There is also a hand sanitizer inside on the table.
• If you would like to wear a mouth mask during your visit to Het Massagehuys, our hostess will gladly give it to you.
• During the massage you are close to the masseur. But keep as far apart as possible 1.5 meters from each other, in front of Het Massagehuys and in Het Massagehuys.
• Always follow the instructions of our staff. Our hostess will let you know who goes to which massage room per guest and masseur. This prevents crowds in the hallway.
• Our dressing areas and lockers are closed to reduce traffic in the hallway. You can change in the massage room and hang your clothes there.
• Our masseurs and hostesses need time to clean and let everyone go one by one to the massage room and back again. It may be that the massages last a little shorter than you might expect before. Our apologies for that.
• Unfortunately we have removed our magazines to reduce the chance of contamination. So bring something to read if you want, while waiting.
• To reduce the number of people who are with us at the same time, we unfortunately do not pour tea in our beautiful black cast iron pots. We also unfortunately do not use earthenware cups. Our hostess will give you the tea afterwards in a biodegradable disposable cup.
• Pay as much as possible contactless (pin or mobile, or online in advance).

Version September 29, 2020