In Chinese medicine, verbena is used for issues related to the liver, spleen and bladder. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used verbena as a sacred herb in their ceremonies. The herb has a calming, soothing effect and we, therefore, recommend it with our Stress Relief Massage. Verbena comes from the mint family but is just a little more exciting than the usual mint tea.

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A tough, black tea – the only tea on our menu that is actually made from the tea bush. The leaves are smoked and blended with orange and cornflower for a sweet undertone. Clove provides extra body to the tea. Drink it neat or with some organic honey. We recommend drinking this one after the intense Strong Muscle Massage.


Nettle is a real detoxifier. It stimulates blood circulation and the functioning of the liver and kidneys. It can even make wounds heal faster, and reduce the effects of allergies. Packed with vitamins, especially C, ensuring the body absorbs calcium and iron. The perfect boost after the Deep Detox Massage.


Honeybush is used as medicine in South Africa for centuries. The relaxing tea contains anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamin C. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is good for your skin and the respiratory tract. We pour you a cup after our Pregnancy Massage. The perfect gentle tea without caffeine, to bring your body into balance.

French Lavender

This full, rich tea gives a boost of well-being and softness to the body after our She Special Massage. A loving herb blend for protection and with a healing effect. Packed with rosehip, lemon balm, blackberry leaf and apple. Caraway and marigold are helpful for digestion. And last but not least, anise is soothing and stimulates sweet dreams.


If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, we recommend this one. Like a good Asian meal, this tea finds harmony between several flavours. The spicy ginger, the freshness of lemon and mint, together with the sweetness of liquorice provide balance. Ginger-Lemon is good for digestion and strengthens your immune system. The perfect blend after our Authentic Asian Massage.


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