Stress relief massage


Surrender to the ultimate relaxation for body and mind. A full-body massage for instant peace and full-on relaxation.

  • The nr. #1 anti-stress massage
  • 50 minutes
  • Ideal for blocked muscles
  • Includes home-made Huile d'Avignon to supplement the effect
  • Includes an organic Verbena tea to help cleanse and further calm the body

About this massage

  • General information

    The Stress Relief Massage takes about 50 minutes. We use our Huile d'Avignon massage oil with each treatment and provide a cup of verbena tea afterwards. Our massage treatments cost € 75 and are paid online. Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours in advance and rescheduling is free of charge up to 4 hours in advance.

  • Advantages

    Our Stress Relief Massage treats stress and fatigue. We can feel where this is collected in your body. Tight muscles because of stress can cause headaches and pain in the neck and back. With our nr. #1 anti-stress massage, muscles can relax, blockages in the neck and shoulders can be reduced and energy can flow through the body again. The result: improved inner balance, less body tension, better blood circulation and instant mind reset. If you have specific issues or symptoms, please let the masseur know.

  • Suitable for

    The Stress Relief massage is suitable for anyone could use a 50 minute break from daily life and come back reborn.

Protecting and soothing the skin with carefully crafted organic oils

Het Massagehuys Oils are traditionally handmade from 100% natural and genuine ingredients. Matched to each massage treatment to improve its benefits.

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Relaxing the senses from within with oragnic herbal tea

A good massage dehydrates the body and releases toxins. Our carefully selected tea blends hydrate the body, to help restore balance and let regained energy flow.

  • Maarten Toussaint

    Very good massage therapist who helped to relax my body after an intense work project as well as relieving some muscle ache as well as post padel knee pain.

  • Fija van der Kooij

    Wonderful massages! Really enjoyed my stress relief massage and my friend the strong muscle massage. Really nice to be here, soothing environment and delicious tea.

  • George Garfoot

    Hard to put into words. I was gifted a massage here by my colleagues as a going away present. I chose the Stress Relief option, and I would happily come again to pay full price.


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