Duo Massage in Amsterdam at Het Massagehuys

Do you like to relax with a duo massage together with your friend? You can! In Het Massagehuys we welcome many who come in pairs. Take a nice break together, and be relieved again. You can choose to both take the same massage, or choose to each take a different massage. Just see how you feel at that moment and which massage suits you best.

A warm welcome with a nice pot of tea

duo massage amsterdam

We warmly welcome you in Het Massagehuys. If there is still time before your massage we make a nice pot of our organic tea for you. The hostess gladly explains you the massages that you have chosen. Then the masseurs will take you with them for your massages.

In order to give you the best attention, the duo massages are in separate rooms. After the massage, when you’re nicely rejuvenated, you again come together in the living room of Het Massagehuys.

Duo massage with homemade oils & organic teas

With our massages we use our homemade 100% natural massage oil. Our oils enhance the effect of your massage.

After the massage we recommend you to drink our organic tea. It ensures that your body is fully hydrated again, and that the toxins that are released during your massage can leave your body again quickly. With every kind of massage we have chosen a tea which, like the oil, enhances the effect of the massage.

In case of illness or a cold it is however not recommended to get a massage. It is wise to stay at home when sick and we ask everyone to handle this responsibly.

Our duo massages take approximately 55 minutes and costs€ 67 including the massage oil and a complimentary pot of organic tea.

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On Sunday March 15, the government took additional measures and closed food and beverage outlets and sports and fitness clubs until April 28. Het Massagehuys is closed until then. As soon as it is possible, we warmly welcome you for a relaxing massage at Het Massagehuys.

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