Three Kings Oil


Three Kings Oil is a special body oil that we have made for the holidays. It is an oil with which kings were anointed and promised the Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks prosperity and wealth. Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense were not for nothing the three gifts that the Three Wise Men from the East brought as a gift. Together they provide a soothing and peaceful feeling and strengthen them the spirit.


Three Kings Oil is is traditionally hand made from 100% natural and genuine products, prepared with love and attention. That means that we work with the best ingredients we could find, where possible organic certified organic and that we mix the oils ourselves according to our own recipes.

The oils where this rich and soothing aroma oil is made of is pressed and distilled from resins, trees and seeds. The oil that is released hereby contains the active ingredients that give these products their unique healing properties. Our oil contains the power of nature in concentrated form.

Three Kings Oil consists of Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense on a base of Sweet Almond oil and Grapeseed Oil. Gold in this oil is 23.5 carats.

Gold symbolizes wealth and abundance.
Incense indicates an inner calm and opens you to spirituality.
Myrrh uplifts the mind and lets negativity evaporate.
Together they provide a soothing and peaceful feeling and strengthen the spirit.

We do not add to any oil artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives increasing. This ensures that our oils are ideal for sensitive skin. The oil can be used up to six months after purchase. Hold the cork on the bottle to keep the oil well for as long as possible. The oil is not suitable for internal use.

Three Kings Oil s is sent to you in a sealed glass bottle of 100 ml with wooden lid, and is packed in a nice cardboard box that fits the bottle of oil. Your order will shipped within 24 hours and be delivered within the Netherlands within 3 business days by Post NL to the address you provide during your order. If your shipping address is outside the Netherlands it may take a few days more.