Massage oils

Our massage oils are homemade according to our own recipes. We thereby only use natural products of the highest quality. The oils are pressed and distilled from seeds, plants, flowers, trees and roots. The oil that is released contains the active ingredients. In our body oils we combine aromatherapy, herbal medicine and traditional knowledge about skin care. The smell of the oil affects your mood. The active ingredients provide a new balance in your body. And of course the oil nourishes your skin so that it recovers and becomes soft and supple.

We use our oils with the massage in Het Massagehuys. They are also in convenient 100 ml bottles available in our store in Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam and in our webshop.

Massage oil: Spring Garden Oil

Spring Garden OilSmells like a spring garden in the Mediterranean Sea and gives renewed energy of a fresh summer dip.
Bergamot creates a soothing relaxation. Clementine gives you a clear consciousness and a sense of wellbeing. Neroli helps to release emotions and strengthen your confidence. Juniper dissipates accumulated stress and negative feelings. Verbena is an uplifting oil.

Massage oil: Oil of Treasures

Massage oil: Oil of TreasuresAn oil from antiquity, a classic recipe full of wealth and well-being.
Petit Grain strengthens your self-esteem. Mandarin gives a feeling of well being. Orange Blossom strengthens your confidence. Cypress enhances your insight. Sandalwood strengthens intuition. Rosewood stimulates circulation. Myrrh uplifts the mind. Incense opens you to spirituality.

Massage oil: Tigerpower Oil

Tigerpower OilGives a deep warmth and tingling freshness for overworked muscles.
Eucalyptus relieves muscle pain and colds and strengthens the immune system. Cajeput helps relieve muscle aches and flu symptoms. Peppermint has a cooling effect and gives you focus. White Camphor is analgesic. Clove help against infection and inflammation.

Massage oil: Huile d’Avignon

Huile d'Avignon Het Massagehuys Relaxes and is good for your skin.
High Altitude Lavender comes from mountain slopes in the Alps. Because of the great height it contains plenty of active ingredients. It gives balance and calm and relaxes the mind. Blue Chamomile has a deep blue color and gives this oil its green complexion. It promotes peace, clarity and patience. Sandalwood stimulates intuition and allows you to leave your stress behind.

Massage oil: Detox Oil

Detox OilPurifies your body of accumulated toxins.
Juniper is known for its purifying effect and frees you from negative feelings.
Ginger stimulates circulation. It is in combination with juniper one of the most powerful body purifiers in nature. Parsley releases toxins naturally out of your body and helps digestion.

Massage oil: Happy Oil

Happy OilA healing oil that gives a euphoric feeling.
Eucalyptus promotes emotional wellbeing. Rosemary stimulates intuition and energizing. Geranium uplifts the mind. Sage stimulates creativity and gives you focus. Vanilla relaxes and gives a sense of wellbeing. Rosewood stimulates circulation and mood. Sandalwood increases intuition and allows you to leave your stress behind.