Deep Tissue Massage Amsterdam

Do you have the feeling that your body, or certain muscles, are tense and does your body feels rigid? With a deep tissue massage we massage the connective tissues which will loosen up your muscles and make them feel more relaxed. Especially people who have assumed a bad posture for a large period of time or are dealing with stress, may benefit. Aside from this, deep tissue massage is very beneficiary to your skin. It will make it stronger and it improves the blood flow.

Do you have specific physical complaints? Please let the masseur know, and we will take that into account. In case of illness or a cold or other corona complaints, we ask you to follow our Corona House Rules and to move or cancel the appointment.

Are you looking for deep tissue massage in Amsterdam? Please make your reservation below. At Het Massagehuys, deep tissue massage is referred to as Strong Muscle massage. The massage treatment includes the matching oil and a cup of organic tea on the house. Our massage treatments cost € 75 and are paid online. You can cancel your appointment online up to 24 hours in advance and reschedule free of charge up to 4 hours in advance.

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What is deep tissue massage exactly?

Deep tissue massage, what is that? The technique is done with a lot of – mainly – deep pressure. The therapy aims to loosen up muscle knots or trigger points. More pressure will be applied on areas that feel sore and painful which will reduce tension and diminish blockades. This enables treatment of problems caused by bad posture, sports injuries, chronic tension caused by for instance stress, rheumatic complaints or muscle spasms. Bruises, skin rash or hernias will not be cured by deep tissue massage. Therefor it is always best to inform the masseur about any problems you might have and that you do not leave out any information. If you have any doubts about the treatment, we recommend that you contact your family doctor for advice.

Since the treatment focusses on sore areas of your body, you may experience some pain during deep tissue massage. Is it your neck muscles that bother you? Than that is where pressure will be applied. So obviously you will feel some pain in that area. However, mostly you will find relieve by the massage and the discomfort will become less or will disappear altogether. So it is definitely worth it.
If you are not yet clear on what deep tissue massage entails and/or if you might benefit from it, please contact us. We will be happy to inform you.

Deep tissue massage at Het Massagehuys

When you make a reservation for a deep tissue massage (strong muscle massage) at our facility, the hostess will explain the procedure prior to the treatment. Following this, the masseur will take you to the massage room.
As stated, deep tissue massage might be somewhat painful. A lot of pressure will be applied on your body by the masseur. You should always let the masseur know if the pressure is applied sufficiently. It can be sensitive but you should let it be known if it does not feel right or if there are certain situations that are to be considered.
The masseur will start by putting a towel over your body and apply some pressure to warm up the body and to feel which areas are rigid. As soon as things have loosened up a little, pressure will be applied more intensely. Certain areas might be handled with more force. At Het Massagehuys Amsterdam we use a combination of Oriental and Western techniques and where necessary, we also use stretching. It is important that you do not get tense and keep as relaxed as possible.
The day after the massage session, your body might feel sore in some places. As if you have muscle soreness. Although this is harmless, you should expect this.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage treatment

There are plenty of benefits in deep tissue massage. Immediate relief is usually felt right after treatment when you experienced muscle tension of other sore areas. It will be easier to move and you will fell less pain in the sensitive areas. Your body will feel lighter and more whole. Complaints that might have been building up over a period of years, will not vanish overnight. We recommend multiple sessions in a row. Please ask the masseur for advice.
Not only pain relief is a benefit of deep tissue massage. Research shows that it also reduces your blood pressure, your heartrate and stress. As well as stress related issues like headaches and tense muscles. As a result, it has a positive effect on your blood pressure and the release of serotine (the happiness hormone). That is why it also works as a relaxation massage.
Furthermore, the massage enables the circulation of oxygen and blood. Your skin will become more toned and it prevents skin aging or smokers skin.
In other words: there are enough benefits in deep tissue massage at Het Massagehuys Amsterdam.

If you want to make a reservation for a deep tissue massage in Amsterdam right away, please use our reservation system above.